Epoxy Countertops

Make Your Countertops Shine

If your countertops are beginning to look worn or dull, look no further than Central New York Painting

You use your countertops everyday. They hold everything from your coffee mugs to your laptop and are used 24/7, so they are bound to exhibit some wear and tear. That's where epoxy countertops come in. Glossy and beautiful, epoxy countertops breathe new life into older countertops.

Is your kitchen beginning to feel outdated? Are your countertops in need of a refresh? Epoxy countertops improve the look of the entire kitchen. Plus, they are incredibly durable and long-lasting. Here at Central New York Painting, we use the best, highest-quality materials and tools to make sure that your countertops shine.

Benefits of epoxy countertops:

  • Non-porous and resistant to moisture
  • Long-lasting and durable
  • Shiny and beautiful
  • Heat-resistant


If it’s time to revive your countertops or refresh your kitchen cabinets, Central New York Painting is the perfect choice for the job. Serving New Hartford, Herkimer, Utica & Clinton, and all of central New York, we are here to brighten up your kitchen, countertops, and home.